Case Study #1: Recovering from poor SEO work and an algorithm penalty in a competitive market.

We are big in proving we can do what we say. Here we will share a few actual case studies of real Clients. Each screenshot and explanation will demonstrate our use of technology, tracking systems, and best practices to ensure that our online marketing campaigns are successful.

Case Study #1: Recovering from poor SEO work and an algorithm penalty in a competitive market.

Situation when Client came to us:  Client’s website had some bad seo done; low quality spammy links pointing to their primary domain, over-optimized anchor text, and a design that was cluttered and outdated.  This Client had spent tens of thousands of dollars with some very well known SEO providers only to end up buried on page 5 and 6 of Google’s search results for their most important key phrases.

Methods and Results:  After redesigning the client’s website to optimize their landing pages for conversions and better rankings we implemented a link detox campaign for this Client. This involved manually sorting through thousands of links and creating a disavow file to submit to Google.  Fortunately, it appears they suffered only from an algorithm penalty and not any type of manual action. After disavowing thousands of spammy links, we then engaged in our proprietary process to accelerate having these links removed from Google’s calculation in their rankings.

You can see the results in the client’s organic traffic in the recent search engine traffic report below:

Ongoing Strategy:  Now that we have achieved upwards movement of 8,356 positions on his most important key terms, many of which are now on page one of Google, we have implemented a high quality link building campaign using manual outreach, customized authority content writing, and other strategies specific to his market and his competitor’s activity.  Both the Client and our team are confident that we will continue our move to the top of the page one search results.

A side benefit of this strategy has been that the Client now ranks very well for hundreds of key phrases in his target geography. Many times we post new content and it ranks within days.


  1. Ensure your website is: a clean attractive design, well coded, fast, mobile responsive, and make it easy for your potential client’s to find the information that brought them to your website as well as easy to contact you.
  2. Monitor your back link profile!  Just because a company is charging you a lot of money to do SEO, it doesn’t mean they are doing quality work.
  3. SEO today is still extremely effective. However, every campaign needs to be tracked as their is often a great deal of wasted spend. In this case, by moving more of the Client’s budget away from ppc into organic SEO we can accelerate the rate at which we build quality links back to their website.

Advanced Strategy:  We implemented a new call tracking technology, referred to as “dynamic phone number insertion” which enabled us to track inbound calls to their business by the source of the referring page that landed the caller on their website.

Notice in the call tracking image below that we are tracking inbound calls for Google Organic (free clicks in the search results), Direct (people who visited your website or landing page by typing in the url), Google Adwords (pay per click), and Referral traffic (directory listings, etc.).

This allowed us to clearly see that the bulk of the inbound phone calls were coming from Google’s organic search results, not AdWords. It then became a simple decision to redirect the ppc budget into the more productive organic campaign.

Lead SEO and Managing Partner

About the Author – Tim Walker, Managing Partner

Tim has a passion for helping small and medium businesses grow and prosper.  He has over 20 years in business development, marketing, sales, and digital marketing.  He started Host Cloud Solutions, LLC in 2012 to address the growing complexity of marketing on the web and to provide a cost effective and reliable solution for local business across the United States and Canada.  One key point he always insists on is that each client, regardless of their budget has direct access to him and his management team whenever needed.